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05:39pm 22/01/2005
  ill give some one a high five if they can name this movie

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official last entry   
11:48pm 04/12/2004
mood: cold
i dont really like this thing anymore... i dont really see why i have it, i dont go to this site much nor do people even like read any of my stuff probably because i dont have anyting interesting happening to me ever. im not going to update it anymore, i will try to make this last one interesting.

i always try not to make depressing posts or just something that like is a bringer downer, but in lately my thoughts have been clouded with like eternal darkness and nothing seems to work out the way i want to anymore. i hate it when i try so hard for something and i never accomplish anything. so i guess now ima just start trying to stop caring which is usually impossible. i dont really care if none of what i just typed made sense
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interesting convorsation   
09:17pm 29/11/2004
  im most likely not going to post on this for awhile... my life is kinda going through a very uninteresting mode. i decided to randomly IM some one who i dont talk to that often on my buddy list and interview them on some random thing... here it goes.

how about "anti elliot".
i edited out some stuff

camus rockzxorz: sup home dawgy dawg dawg!
camus rockzxorz: what crackin yo yo yigity yo?
anti elliot: HAHAH! God you are cool.
[that was awesome, i think ill interview them on music]
camus rockzxorz: so what kinda music do you like?
anti elliot: Aren't you the one who's iPod I stole?
camus rockzxorz: go on...
anti elliot: Is that right?
camus rockzxorz: yes, it is!
anti elliot: You and I have the same exact taste in music. That was like my life... right there.
anti elliot: I like a lot of local bands and indie bands I doubt you've heard of.
anti elliot: And some techno.
camus rockzxorz: U LIKE TECHNO!?!?!?!
[i happen to love techno, i try to find other people who like it too]
camus rockzxorz: i love techno
camus rockzxorz: there arent many people these days who like it
anti elliot: Ohhhh. Boy do I know.
camus rockzxorz: any techno bandish-like groups u like
camus rockzxorz: such as: infected mushroom or darude
[so far so good, this person is cool. i think ill totally change the subject.]
anti elliot: Never heard of either of them.
camus rockzxorz: so how do u feel about the war in iraq?
anti elliot: I think, of course... it was just Bush's plan to take over Iraq and have us control it... and it was a stupid idea... but we can't very well back out now... I guess. I dunno. I just hate the whole war scene in general... I'm a hippie... in that sort.
[ill try to make them laugh now]
anti elliot: Hhahaha, I've tried.
anti elliot: But it's such hard work.
camus rockzxorz: so have i
[this is very uninteresting, ill spice it up]
camus rockzxorz: jeez whats with the grammar? is this a writing test or something
anti elliot: No. I just always type and talk like this.
anti elliot: Ask Adam.
[ima act stupid now, this is so stupid. i cant believe im exploiting this person.]
anti elliot: What?
anti elliot: Adam Tierney?
camus rockzxorz: ummm, not ringing a bell... please describe him to me
anti elliot: Are you kidding?@
camus rockzxorz: jog my memory
[i stopped caring all of a sudden, then fell asleep at my computer desk]
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my energy pumped weekend   
04:59pm 14/11/2004
mood: exhausted
friday after school i could not wait till my dad got home and i could goto ben's. once my dad came i hurried him to give me a flanel shirt and a ride to ben's. i got to ben's and soon bryan followed. when bryan got their we all popped 2 caffeine pills and washed them down with a couple bottles of bawls. we ordered pizza. it was good and soon josh arrived. we began filming a movie. ben required a outlet to plug in the video camera charger and he looked behind a cabinet. the cabinet ended up to be filled with wine glasses and 8-12 of them fell out and broke, there was glass everywhere. we filmed him cleaning it up. it ended up that there was an outlet less than 12'' away from the cabinet. we continued filming the movie... it took about 2 hours to do the first scene which actually wasn't finished. we could not stop laughing.
we decided that we needed some fresh air and went on a walk around the block at roughly 10:20 PM. we decided to stop and take a picture and call mackenzie on bryans cell. we began deleting pictures and talking to mackenzie when the cops pulled up. as it turned out being about 100 yards (as the crow flys) away from bens house after 10:00 PM is against curfew if you are 15 and under. so as a result ben and i had to get in the car... as for josh and bryan, they got to walk home and call ben's dad. ben and i had to drive around for about 45 minutes with the cops as they looked for more curfew violating teenagers. luckly there was no others found, we then proceded downtown to the curfew center. after waiting for about 20 minutes in complete silence the man there called ben's dad. then we waited about 20 minutes for him to get there. it was very boring and a complete waste of time.
once we arrived home ben and me were interviewed by josh and bryan about it. i actually still couldnt believe that we we're taken downtown because we were out passed 10 PM! 10 PM!!!! things kinda settled down after that. we called john, we had some good laughs. we drank more bawls and watched hot chick. at about 4:30 AM i got extremely achey in the stomach and i also got the shakes really, i could not stop shaking. we watched others movies until sunrise and then played pool for awhile.
we were all totally exhausted by like AM. it felt like there was a whole in my stomach. we called john and around noonish he came about picked us up. we went to chipotle and drived around with all the windows down blasting classical music. we picked up adam, then we headed out towards bryan's house. once we got there it was funny cause we didnt really stay that long, we just emptied our cargo and set up base camp and left after lik 20 minutes. we needed to get partying supplies so we went to party america in highland. we got: little cocktail umbrellas, silly string, gold coins, paper plates, and some ninjas, also head gear. we went to johns and ate some more. after our little pow wow we were rady to head back out to johns.
at about 6:40 we got to bryan's again. we were ready to have a great time. matthias and brett showed up. but ben and adam couldn't make it. so we had john bryan brett matthias myself and josh. we had a war and threw paper plates everywhere. john took brett and josh hostage in the sauna. it was cool. then we went into the sauna and had a discussion which was very intense, it went to politics then to philosophy and then to like ghosts and religion and stuff. matthias had to leave. then we watched the butterfly affect. and then we just hung out for the rest of the night. we ate muffins in the morning and i got home at about 4 PM.

this weeekend was so fun... so so sooooo very fun. next time will be even better.
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09:53pm 07/11/2004
mood: aggravated
I wish people would think about the repercussions of their words or actions before they say or do anything. I have found that it is hard for people to do this.
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this weekend   
09:07pm 04/11/2004
mood: hungry
i dont actually look forward to this weekend very much. because i am going to my cabin to hunt. hunting involves like 2 things, 1 easy, 1 long. they are: 1. shooting a deer 2. sitting in a deer stand for 6 hours in the cold waiting for an innocent deer to walk by so i can make it be no more. if i kill a deer i have to gut it which sucks... i dont like entrails, sticking my hands in dead bodies, or the smell. all in all i dont really want to go, but ill try it out cause i like to try stuff out
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09:42pm 03/11/2004
  so im sitting here right? and i look at the play count on my itunes... and check out wat i see

thats right is u do the math u get...
145320 seconds of celestial soda pop... which is 2422 minutes... which is 40.36 hours
yea i did that all in my head, pretty good for an algebra 1 student... eh?
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06:13pm 03/11/2004
mood: happy
09:26pm 01/11/2004
dirty has this election been. the fury of a party comes from the spirit when u are no longer aware of surroundings. i see this burning flame within all widows of the dark window blooming doorman. 12 times have i seen the dribbles drop. meaning this of kerry will come. jaleb has doth spoken.
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09:52pm 31/10/2004
mood: k
nah g, it was ok
how do i feel?   
01:19am 31/10/2004
mood: confused
i feel shit, shitty shitty shit on a stick.

my two friends and i dressed as lumberjacks and went to the school play. then we made up all these lies about the play and told them to his mom. then went to a house got sugar high. then we headed over to white castle and got a "crave case" (a "crave case" is a briefcase made of cardboard which is filled with 30 burgers). we picked his brother up from this mansion of a house. it was awesome man i am fun we fun are not be not that not fun. we be laughing up storms. i just got done watching moulin rouge. the movie is ok i guess. there is a lot of blood in the movie. i liked to movie. then i took a crap. now i feel better. i stil feel shit, shitty shitty shit on a stick. one time at camp my friend crapped all over this stick. then it hardened. later we come back and it was like a chocolate sundai on the stick. i was so gross and funny, i almost shit myself seeing the shit. sometimes i get in that mood where i dont like people and i just want to goto a social event so i can sit in the corner with my friends and not talk to anyone else. my friend matt got a native american girlfriend. i have no racist jokes about native americans. i might go get some about native americans just so i can be around the girl and say funny racist things about native americans just to piss people off. i like to piss people off sometimes. just like in that one movie, men of honor. that is a good movie. i like it a lot. i think i will marry it. i am ranting. i like that family guy episode where that guy rants in the beginning. i like all family guy episodes. ive got most of them semi-memorized.
*sips drink*
o man this coca-cola classic is muy bien. i hate coca-cola classic. i hate most stuff when i am in this mood

my night was strange. i am strange. i have many strange stories containing the same characters. one time my friend matt and i went on a hike saying we planted all these boobie traps everywhere. i said "there is a boobie trap right there." i tried to jump over it. i slipped. i totally raped my back in the ass by means of falling and getting my back stabbed into this pointy rock in the ground.

matt just told me that his native american girlfriend isnt actually native american. she is from india. which means that she is an indian, i guess. this means that she is hindu. right? i must set out to find some hindu jokes and say them in front of her. i think ill buy a cow and chop it into little bits right in front of her. cows are sacred in the hindu religion. i think that cows are cool. in 7th grade i went through a phase which all i said was "moo". i would say it in all these different tones creating some what of a melody. i tried to make a language out of it. no one cought on. they are all stupid little shit eating bitches that hate cows. i love cows. i hate cows. i think that i will buy a cow for $5 and name it tobias. i think i am going to have a son when i become president of the USA. i will name him tobias. he will be just like me, but cooler. i dont think it is possible to get anymore cool than me. sometimes i like to just sit down and read outloud the shit that i am writing. i am doing that right now. i just IM'd emma. let us see if she says something in reply to my IM.
this is wat i got so far:
camus rockzxorz: hi
[no reply]

that makes me sad. i wish i had some one online to talk to right now. preferably female, single, and in the metropolitan area. i dont think i will get a indian girlfriend for a very long time. i dont think i will get a girlfriend for a very long time. i dont thing that anyone will be my girlfriend until i sacrifice a cow to jaleb. jaleb is a god that isnt really a god. i made the name up. i think i got it from "BEND IT LIKE BECKAM" i like that movie. it is a good movie. she is hot.

my brother just walked into the computer room. he just got dropped off by his friend david. he went to davids cabin. he didnt bring his paintball gun. i guess that means that he didnt play paintball. i have never played paintball.

emma just signed off
oh so gahetto signed off at 1:38:03 AM.
now i feel bad. she did not IM me back. why dont i IM some one else
*looks at his buddy list and IMs some one*
i IM'd a friend of mine from counter-strike.
camus rockzxorz: helllo
KennaLuvsDiskey: HIYA
he seems like a nice person. now i will attempt to make convorsation
camus rockzxorz: how was your day?
KennaLuvsDiskey: ity was good
KennaLuvsDiskey: saw my dad
now i will ask him about his dad.
KennaLuvsDiskey: heart attack dude
KennaLuvsDiskey: ...
KennaLuvsDiskey: it happend thursday night
now i will make him feel better about it.
camus rockzxorz: i am deeply sorry for this misfortune. i hope your dad's condition improves physically and mentally
KennaLuvsDiskey: hes good dude
now i will piss him off by correcting his grammar
camus rockzxorz: you mean "He's well, dude."
camus rockzxorz: ...fag
KennaLuvsDiskey: relax man
now i will change the conversation to something more comical and layed back
camus rockzxorz: hey, tonight i went to white castle and got a crave case of 30 with my cracka possie. we pimped all up and down that crip. shit homie, u should have vidi'd that fucking riot of a jove ass titty bang of a time.
hopefully i phrased it well enough so that he can understand me, lets find out.
*waits for reply*
ill IM him again so that he acknowledges my presence.
camus rockzxorz: you're a stupid bitch of a rim jobbing fag
let's see how he likes that.
ok i dont think that he will respond. so ill end the conversation with him and also say "jk mate".
camus rockzxorz: ok
camus rockzxorz: jk mate
now i... oops he just replied
KennaLuvsDiskey: ...
ok i that does not compute with my WRS (Witty Reply System). i will IM some one else. this time why dont we try random statement approach. i'll try another counter-strike friend.
camus rockzxorz: hey you are uncanny. marry me?
Rembold04: lol what
i have observed that he is in shock and awe. he doesnt have anything to say back so he give an AIR (automated internet response). now i will bring up something else is random.
camus rockzxorz: you are twisted. please, drop trow and squeeze out a cleveland steamer on my chest.
why dont we wait for him to give us another AIR.... well fuck that shit. i dont feel like continuing this journal entry any longer. josh just yelled at me because he said its too long. i concur. so long
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01:48pm 30/10/2004
mood: quixotic
One day Mrs. Jones went to have a talk with the minister at the
local church. "Reverend," she said, "I have a problem, my
husband keeps falling asleep during your sermons. It's very
embarrassing. What should I do?"

"I have an idea," said the minister. "Take this hatpin with you.
I will be able to tell when Mr. Jones is sleeping, and I will
motion to you at specific times. When I motion, you give him a
good poke in the leg."

In church the following Sunday, Mr. Jones dozed off. Noticing
this, the preacher put his plan to work. "And who made the
ultimate sacrifice for you?" he said, nodding to Mrs. Jones.

"Jesus!", Jones cried as his wife jabbed him the leg with the

"Yes, you are right, Mr. Jones," said the minister. Soon, Mr.
Jones nodded off again. Again, the minister noticed. "Who is
your redeemer?" he asked the congregation, motioning towards
Mrs. Jones.

"God!" Mr. Jones cried out as he was stuck again with the hatpin.

"Right again," said the minister, smiling. Before long, Mr.
Jones again winked off. However, this time the minister did not
notice. As he picked up the tempo of his sermon, he made a few
motions that Mrs. Jones mistook as signals to bayonet her
husband with the hatpin again.

The minister asked, "And what did Eve say to Adam after she bore
him his 99th son?"

Mrs. Jones poked her husband, who yelled, "You stick that
goddamned thing in me one more time and I'll break it in half
and shove it up your ass!"

"Amen," replied the congregation.

this kid ona skateboard just rolled by...
i kept tapping on the window hoped he look
at me cause i was giving him the finger.
03:57am 24/10/2004
  i just thought i'd do an entry before i went to sleep.

to sum up this day, it was over all pretty cool. today i:
-went to half priced books and bought moulin rouge
-got new shoes
-saw a really bad movie that was really bad, left 20 minutes into it
-went to eat at o'gara's
-saw i <3 huckabees
-watch moulin rouge with a couple of homies

right now to put my mood in picture form, since it has been so hard to pin point it using over word, i made another picture

did anyone notice that i wrote this at 3:57 AM?
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01:09am 24/10/2004
mood: pen
it was like i was in heaven or something... like i had 2 teddy bears to talk to and cuddle with while watching a movie with a singing chick with nice red hair and cool diamond necklaces (even tho usually do that on my free time anyways, but with real teddy bears and realy singing chicks (not jk (im just trying to add some comedy to this entry (to make me appear less stupid (even tho that made me look stupid (this is a lot of parathesis))))). my brother was acting like a tall annoying denis the menice, also i liked i <3 huckabees it was pretty jove. *opens can of dr pepper* overall tonight was pretty cool, right when they left i felt like bragging to someone that i got to cuddle with 2 pretty girls and stuff... man im such a loser *goes back to playing diablo 2*
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01:07pm 23/10/2004
mood: shaking
last night i had a strange dream where i was surrounded by old men and they were all smoking dig doobies... but i abstained from the drugs in my dream. hopefully this will strengthen my abstaining frmo drugs in the real world... i dont really know what else to put, so i found a picture of pretty uch my dream looked like:

yea thats pretty messed up
01:20am 23/10/2004
mood: tense
today, i have a wonderful picture of a dog.

i felt obligated to post something on this live journal...

it has been hard finding my way around, when all i do is want to see a list of my friends it seems as if i have to stand on my head an resite all 50 states in 1/4 of a second

i just saw a picutre of this michael sporer boy. i cant already tell her and i will become fast friends. i recently found of that he sat across from my brother in photo class. for the last three week i have been asking my brother everyday to invite michael over or become friends with him. my brother has just never seemed to show much motivation to do it.

[45 seconds later]

the dog picture that i have posted is neat. i would like to own that dog. i named him tobias.

if some of my writing, decrees, or sentences do not make much sense that is probably because my mind is like thinking about different things while i am typing. if i had to put my mind in picture form, it would most like look like this

*goes into paint and does a quick draw up of what he thinks his brain would most likely what his mind would look like*

i think this is wat my mind looks like right now:

this is what is looks lihe when i am confused:

when i am mad:

and when some massages me or totally sedates me... like gives a head a massage or something... o man i love massage (just incase and of u want to give me a massage):

thats all of my thoughts for now... man could i go for a head massage. can anyone give me one?
09:40pm 20/10/2004
  i mean, i all like sitting HAVING NO IDEA WAT SO EVER WHAT THE HELL TO DO. im listening to godspeed one of my favorite bands.... im drinking LEMONADE i thought about righting some poems.... my damn thing is like not not not working
anfnsdansasdaasdnadsdasdsanasdsadsnasddsandsadsandsasdandassdansddsanasdnasdnasdandasndasdnsdndsnsdsnd I DONT KNIOW WAT TO KNWAREIOAEHEG IPUAEFHAEFIO AEFOHI FAE"
Salvete, amici, Si bene estis, etiam bene sum
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08:54pm 17/10/2004
mood: uncanny
this is my first thing of this just taking a little test drive... to conclude this stuff id just like to say that i eating chipotle and let me just see if i still know html...