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it was like i was in heaven or something... like i had 2 teddy bears to talk to and cuddle with while watching a movie with a singing chick with nice red hair and cool diamond necklaces (even tho usually do that on my free time anyways, but with real teddy bears and realy singing chicks (not jk (im just trying to add some comedy to this entry (to make me appear less stupid (even tho that made me look stupid (this is a lot of parathesis))))). my brother was acting like a tall annoying denis the menice, also i liked i <3 huckabees it was pretty jove. *opens can of dr pepper* overall tonight was pretty cool, right when they left i felt like bragging to someone that i got to cuddle with 2 pretty girls and stuff... man im such a loser *goes back to playing diablo 2*
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