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my energy pumped weekend

friday after school i could not wait till my dad got home and i could goto ben's. once my dad came i hurried him to give me a flanel shirt and a ride to ben's. i got to ben's and soon bryan followed. when bryan got their we all popped 2 caffeine pills and washed them down with a couple bottles of bawls. we ordered pizza. it was good and soon josh arrived. we began filming a movie. ben required a outlet to plug in the video camera charger and he looked behind a cabinet. the cabinet ended up to be filled with wine glasses and 8-12 of them fell out and broke, there was glass everywhere. we filmed him cleaning it up. it ended up that there was an outlet less than 12'' away from the cabinet. we continued filming the movie... it took about 2 hours to do the first scene which actually wasn't finished. we could not stop laughing.
we decided that we needed some fresh air and went on a walk around the block at roughly 10:20 PM. we decided to stop and take a picture and call mackenzie on bryans cell. we began deleting pictures and talking to mackenzie when the cops pulled up. as it turned out being about 100 yards (as the crow flys) away from bens house after 10:00 PM is against curfew if you are 15 and under. so as a result ben and i had to get in the car... as for josh and bryan, they got to walk home and call ben's dad. ben and i had to drive around for about 45 minutes with the cops as they looked for more curfew violating teenagers. luckly there was no others found, we then proceded downtown to the curfew center. after waiting for about 20 minutes in complete silence the man there called ben's dad. then we waited about 20 minutes for him to get there. it was very boring and a complete waste of time.
once we arrived home ben and me were interviewed by josh and bryan about it. i actually still couldnt believe that we we're taken downtown because we were out passed 10 PM! 10 PM!!!! things kinda settled down after that. we called john, we had some good laughs. we drank more bawls and watched hot chick. at about 4:30 AM i got extremely achey in the stomach and i also got the shakes really, i could not stop shaking. we watched others movies until sunrise and then played pool for awhile.
we were all totally exhausted by like AM. it felt like there was a whole in my stomach. we called john and around noonish he came about picked us up. we went to chipotle and drived around with all the windows down blasting classical music. we picked up adam, then we headed out towards bryan's house. once we got there it was funny cause we didnt really stay that long, we just emptied our cargo and set up base camp and left after lik 20 minutes. we needed to get partying supplies so we went to party america in highland. we got: little cocktail umbrellas, silly string, gold coins, paper plates, and some ninjas, also head gear. we went to johns and ate some more. after our little pow wow we were rady to head back out to johns.
at about 6:40 we got to bryan's again. we were ready to have a great time. matthias and brett showed up. but ben and adam couldn't make it. so we had john bryan brett matthias myself and josh. we had a war and threw paper plates everywhere. john took brett and josh hostage in the sauna. it was cool. then we went into the sauna and had a discussion which was very intense, it went to politics then to philosophy and then to like ghosts and religion and stuff. matthias had to leave. then we watched the butterfly affect. and then we just hung out for the rest of the night. we ate muffins in the morning and i got home at about 4 PM.

this weeekend was so fun... so so sooooo very fun. next time will be even better.
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