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interesting convorsation

im most likely not going to post on this for awhile... my life is kinda going through a very uninteresting mode. i decided to randomly IM some one who i dont talk to that often on my buddy list and interview them on some random thing... here it goes.

how about "anti elliot".
i edited out some stuff

camus rockzxorz: sup home dawgy dawg dawg!
camus rockzxorz: what crackin yo yo yigity yo?
anti elliot: HAHAH! God you are cool.
[that was awesome, i think ill interview them on music]
camus rockzxorz: so what kinda music do you like?
anti elliot: Aren't you the one who's iPod I stole?
camus rockzxorz: go on...
anti elliot: Is that right?
camus rockzxorz: yes, it is!
anti elliot: You and I have the same exact taste in music. That was like my life... right there.
anti elliot: I like a lot of local bands and indie bands I doubt you've heard of.
anti elliot: And some techno.
camus rockzxorz: U LIKE TECHNO!?!?!?!
[i happen to love techno, i try to find other people who like it too]
camus rockzxorz: i love techno
camus rockzxorz: there arent many people these days who like it
anti elliot: Ohhhh. Boy do I know.
camus rockzxorz: any techno bandish-like groups u like
camus rockzxorz: such as: infected mushroom or darude
[so far so good, this person is cool. i think ill totally change the subject.]
anti elliot: Never heard of either of them.
camus rockzxorz: so how do u feel about the war in iraq?
anti elliot: I think, of course... it was just Bush's plan to take over Iraq and have us control it... and it was a stupid idea... but we can't very well back out now... I guess. I dunno. I just hate the whole war scene in general... I'm a hippie... in that sort.
[ill try to make them laugh now]
anti elliot: Hhahaha, I've tried.
anti elliot: But it's such hard work.
camus rockzxorz: so have i
[this is very uninteresting, ill spice it up]
camus rockzxorz: jeez whats with the grammar? is this a writing test or something
anti elliot: No. I just always type and talk like this.
anti elliot: Ask Adam.
[ima act stupid now, this is so stupid. i cant believe im exploiting this person.]
anti elliot: What?
anti elliot: Adam Tierney?
camus rockzxorz: ummm, not ringing a bell... please describe him to me
anti elliot: Are you kidding?@
camus rockzxorz: jog my memory
[i stopped caring all of a sudden, then fell asleep at my computer desk]
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